DIY Creative Journal

Dear Reader, Today I want to share with you my most recent project - what I'm calling a creative journal, because honestly, I have no idea what else to call it! My idea behind it was to have a journal where I could put all of my very favorite supplies with no physical limitations (like [...]


Mod Black Style Smashbook Flip (Empty)

Dear Reader, Today I have another empty smashbook flip for you. I've done 'empty' flips so you can get a good look at the pages included in the smashbooks exactly as they will come to you,  hopefully helping you decide which smashbook is right for you! This is the Mod(ern) Black Smashbook - the only [...]

K & Company SMASH*book Embossed Covers

Dear Reader,           If you are at all familiar with K & Company's SMASH* line, you've probably noticed that each of the covers have a different design embossed into the cover. When you order things like that onlune, sometimes it can be hard to tell what exactly you're getting, so I [...]

Intro to Smashbooking

Dear Reader,           Smashbooking is my favorite and most creatively freeing hobby, by far. It fuels my passion for stationary and paper crafts, as well as my artistic style in general. I'm not great at drawing, or painting, or doodling, but I am good at Smashbooking. Why? Because there are no [...]