Wildflower – A Book by Drew Barrymore

Dear Reader, I spent the last few weeks reading snip-its of Wildflower, Drew Barrymore's new book. I wouldn't call it a memoir, and neither would Drew. In the preface she says it's a book of stories you can "dip into and read when you want". I should probably start by disclosing how much I love [...]


My Coloring Book Collection

Dear Reader, Hello friends and fellow paper lovers! There is a new trend in full swing of coloring books marketed toward adults. And by in full swing, I really mean it!! It seems like you can't go anywhere without seeing tons of coloring books for adults anymore. Is it just me, or did this become [...]

Books I Want To Reread – June

Dear Reader, I've read a lot of good books. I know rereading can be a controversial subject for some, but I am all for it. I am almost constantly reminded of books I've read in the past, and I am always feeling a pull of desire to fall into those adventures all over again. Sometimes [...]

Book Depository Haul

Dear Reader, This week I received a Book Depository order I placed during a 33% off selected paperbacks sale they were having about a week ago. I thought I'd share with you the new books I ordered, because who doesn't love new books?? I've been reading a lot of contemporary fiction this year, which is [...]