Goals for 2017

This week has been all about productivity for me. I only have two weeks left of my maternity leave, and I’m determined not to ‘waste’ it. Also, my kid has finally gotten somewhat regulated on his napping schedule, which leaves me with a pretty good chunk of time most days to get stuff done.

I’ve been pretty good about making myself yearly goal lists. Although I didn’t post my 2017 list on this blog at the beginning of the year, I did jot down a few on my phone. Since I’ve been feeling motivated, I took some time this week to go back over them and add several new, mostly financial, goals to the list. And so, for the record, here are my goals for the remainder of 2017::

-Go on a walk 3 times a week

-Go on a Vacation

-Never eat out more than twice a month (even if someone else is treating)


-Read 25 Books

-Save a $20 bill each week in cash

-Stick to a weekly grocery budget decided at the beginning of the month

-Set personal allowance of $25 per week

-Use Essential Oils Regularly (and learn more about them along the way)

-Put at least $2,500 into savings

-Take Monthly Pictures of Henry

-Use coupons as often as possible, and think twice about purchasing anything that isn’t on sale.

-Try to find a side income that can be earned at home

-Donate or sell things online instead of throwing things away

-Use Inkwell Press Planner all year

-Start Project Life Album of Henry

-Make every payment on time

-Lose Baby Weight

-Sew one wearable item

-Take Henry to his first race

-Continue breastfeeding through the year

-NO ZULILY SHOPPING (my weakness)

-Pay off mattress by end of year


What are some of your goals for 2017?? Leave them in the comments, I’d love to see them!


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