Wildflower – A Book by Drew Barrymore

Dear Reader,

I spent the last few weeks reading snip-its of Wildflower, Drew Barrymore’s new book. I wouldn’t call it a memoir, and neither would Drew. In the preface she says it’s a book of stories you can “dip into and read when you want”.


I should probably start by disclosing how much I love Drew Barrymore. She’s not my favorite celebrity or anything – it’s not an obsession, but she’s a beautiful soul, and it really shines through in this book.

The stories are not laid out chronologically, or really in any discernible order at all, except that it just seems to make sense. It centers around her life as it is now, a married mother of two very young girls who is also a powerful entrepreneurial business woman. To me, this book is a celebration of the happy place she has found in life, and the stories are the journey and lessons she learned to get there.

Many people can’t help but think of the 12 year old alcoholic she was as a kid. As I was reading this book, more than one person mentioned things like ‘She’s had a rough time in life’ and ‘She’s a wild one’ when they saw what I was reading. Drew doesn’t shy away from the questionable years of her youth in this book, but she doesn’t spend much time dwelling on them either. After all, she’s now a 40-something mother of two who has built herself not only a successful acting career but also a production company, beauty company, and more. She also sells wine (Barrymore Wines), and is now the author of a successful book. Comments like these are a testimate to the trials she’s had to overcome to get where she is today. The world watched her grow up in a struggle, and for some people that’s hard to forget.

I really love the preface of this book. It felt similar to Amy Poehler’s in Yes Please in that it is a raw and honest account of how and why she wrote the book you’re reading. Introductions are almost always my favorite thing about books like this I’m finding out. Another highlight of this book were the two chapters which served as letters to each of her daughters; her oldest, Olive, and her second baby, Frankie. As someone who is yearning desperately to be a mother herself, it just enthralled me to read about Drew’s account of becoming a mother to each of her girls, and how dead set she is to be an excellent mother and do everything she can for them.


Drew Barrymore and I are similar in a lot of ways I realized as I read. Our ambition, sense of responsibility, hard working natures…coupled with the whimsy of believing in things like astrological signs and enjoying simple things in life like the companionship of dogs. I understood a lot of what she wrote. Because I’ve felt the same way. It’s relatable. It’s real. Honest. I appreciate that.

Also, look at that cover. It’s gorgeous!! I love the pale purple/grey, the messy scrawl of the lettering, the pink of the flower (which also has significance and symbolism in her life). I love this book. It was a joy to carry with me and “dip into” whenever I wanted. All the best to you, Drew.




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