Watercolor Planner Stickers – Tutorial

Dear Reader,

To all my planner girls out there – do you like using stickers in your weekly or monthly layouts? Not just the cute kind, but practical too??


I like creating my own stickers to use in my planner. They’re endlessly customizable, and much more cost effective than buying sheets online or in the store (although let’s be real, some of them are just too cute to pass up!). But really, can you have too many stickers?? Today I want to share with you how I make my own watercolor planner stickers  to use in my planner.


To make these stickers you only need two things::

•Avery removable stickers (Rectangle)


•Watercolors (you can also use markers, paint, or other media)


•Optional – Stamps


Here’s what I used::


I have both the round sticker labels and the smallest rectangle ones you can get. Depending on how you’ll be using your stickers, you may prefer other sizes – find what works best for you!!

All you need to do to create your custom stickers is paint them! I like a kind of messy look, but you can paint yours one uniform color if you prefer that look. The great thing is you can use any color you can come up with and paint them in any style. If you are a color coder, this may be paradise! I chose to make some spring green stickers for this tutorial – I’m really loving bright greens right now!!


Whatever media you choose to use, make sure your stickers are COMPLETELY dry before you try to use them. If you try to pull them off too early, the adhesive will not work properly and you may not even be able to pull them from the sticker sheet. I’d recommend waiting overnight just to be sure. Be patient, it’s worth it!

If you’d like, you can leave the stickers at that and write on them with a pen as you need them. This will make your stickers more versitile, because then you can use them for literally anything while you’re on the go! I like to keep a few blank ones in my planner for that reason – writing the times for appointments works great on these small blank stickers!

I also like to pre-stamp some of them. Make sure the stickers aren’t too wet when you stamp on them, but you don’t have to wait until they’re completely dry either. You can use any and all stamps you have to design your stickers. Make them fun, make them unique!


I love having some of these stickers with me so I can use them as things come up in the middle of the week. I think they add a little something extra – they’re so pretty and I love knowing that I made them myself!

Happy Planning!



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