My Coloring Book Collection

Dear Reader,

Hello friends and fellow paper lovers! There is a new trend in full swing of coloring books marketed toward adults. And by in full swing, I really mean it!! It seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing tons of coloring books for adults anymore. Is it just me, or did this become an overnight obsession? It’s like people never considered adults being arty before. What the heck??

Anyway, being a little bit arty myself I have taken advantage of some of the awesome new books that have come out in recent months and years – and I thought I would share my collection with you!

Lets start with the first coloring books that I bought as an adult.

Mandalas, Sea Creatures, and Celtic Inspirations are some of the themes here.

I bought these about seven years ago on Amazon. I typed ‘Adult Coloring Books’ and these are what popped up – times have changed!! They are 100% traditional cheaply printed coloring books. The papers are varying degrees of grainy, some of them have captions on each page (how funny), but they’re also exactly perfect for what they are. Pretty pictures meant for you to fill in with color! Many of the images are simple but beautiful. I put my favorite one on top – those carasel animals are SO much fun!!

I found this book at Target one day last year with a 20% off sticker on it. I bought it because it’s not really my style and I thought I’d try something new.

Bad idea.

I have only colored one partial page in this book and I feel like I will literally never finish it. It just isn’t for me – now I know. One day I’ll let my children scribble in it probably. Or maybe one day I’ll have the urge to color a city, who knows. Eh.


This one and the next one I drooled over for months before I finally got them. I bought secret garden at the same time as Fantastic Cities, and just recently got Enchanted Forest – I haven’t colored in it yet!! Both of these books are so awesome. I love the variation in illustration type/scale/scope. Some are more simple designs and others are more intricate two page spreads. I love nature and these books are great to scratch that itch for me. They’re beautiful!! Johanna Basford also has an underwater themed book now, but I haven’t decided if I’ll get it yet or not. Maybe once I finish one of these others I will 🙂

Slight damage on the lower spine from shipping – darn it!!


This paisley design coloring book was a gift from my brother last Christmas. I love it because the pages are serrated so you can remove them. This is awesome because you can then use whatever media you want! You could paint them even without worrying about your book crinkling or the page drying out before you could put it away. Or markers bleeding through! Great gift bubba – thank you!!

While I do like my coloring books, I don’t agree with one of the biggest marketing schemes used for them today – that they’re relaxing and ease anxiety. I’m sure it does work that way for some people, I just haven’t found that myself. In fact, it has almost the opposite effect with me most times!! I get so frustrated that it’s taking me so long, or that I don’t know which color will be right! I often get bogged down by how many choices there are in life, and when I’m staring down my 50+ collection of colored pencils, I start double guessing and triple guessing and quadruple guessing myself about color choices and then where to put them!!

Enough about my problems…heh. Do you guys have any favorite coloring books? Do you find it relaxing or are you more like me?? Let me know in a comment!

Until Next Time,


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