Postcard Art for Pen Pal Letters

Dear Reader,

I am always wanting to include new and creative things with my pen pal letters. I don’t always have the time or motivation to create beautiful things by hand, but one weekend several months back I did sit down to make some pretty things, and this is what I came up with::


I started with simple postcards that I thought would make good backgrounds, and then sifted through my Project Life card stash, looking for colors mainly that I thought would go well. I just thought the small size PL cards fit very well with the postcards, to highlight them both. After that I added some washi tape and other embellishments.


This one I think is my favorite. I LOVE navy, and with the pinks in the card and the washi tape it has great contrast. I thought this card would make a great addition for a pal who may be having a rough time, or just as a general pick-me-up. That’s what snail mail is for!! Every letter is a little gift!!


This one I thought of from the beginning as a great place to put a Mail Tag. I like the saying on the card because sometimes mail tags elicit strange, or at least unexpected answers 🙂 On this card I used staples to attach the PL card and a little orange star shaped brad at one corner.


I also love this card. The writing and decoration in the circle on the PL card is gold foiled, which you can’t tell very well in the picture. I also used gold foil washi under the die cut at the top. Using foiled materials like that really adds depth and another layer without actually adding another layer!! This is the most simple of the cards that I made that day, but sometimes simple can be very beautiful.

So what do you guys think? Do you ever do something similar? Which was your favorite?

Keep Creating,


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