New Notebooks from Target

Dear Reader,

Recently, on a trip to Target, I picked up two new notebooks. I can’t ever go to Target without at least looking at the journals/notebook section – they always have trendy and classic designs that I can’t seem to resist! Gold foiling has been on trend for quite awhile now, and while I resisted it for quite some time (I’m a silver kind of girl normally), I have to say I’ve finally come around to it.


One is spiral bound, and the other cloth bound, both with gold foiling on the covers.

New Notebooks February 2016 Inside Notebook.jpg
Inside the spiral notebook.

The spiral notebook has bright white paper with perforated pages. I bought it to use for pen pal letters and it’s worked great so far. I love the size and shape of the pages and it just has a really clean and classy feel. I keep it in my purse most of the time.

The end papers of the cloth-bound journal.

I’ve decided to use the cloth-bound journal as my new daily journal. Although my last one isn’t full yet, I felt the need for a change, and this one just felt right, if you know what I mean. I’m finding the large pages are great because I have a little bit of extra room to decorate the pages with washi tape, as you can see below.

Using washi tape to decorate my journal.

Using washi tape and other decoration is something I’ve experimented with a little bit in past journals, and I’ve picked it back up this spring. I enjoy seeing a little bit of color on the pages as I’m writing and when I go back to read my entries later. I also feel like it’s another way to express my mood in a visual way. I don’t decorate the pages beforehand, so it’s always an in-the-moment choice which tapes I use.

It’s true, I have quite an obsession with notebooks and journals of all kinds. Soon I will share my collection of unused journals with you all – in case you’re as paper nerdy as I am!

Thanks for reading,



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