DIY Creative Journal

Dear Reader,

Today I want to share with you my most recent project – what I’m calling a creative journal, because honestly, I have no idea what else to call it!

My idea behind it was to have a journal where I could put all of my very favorite supplies with no physical limitations (like restrictive binding). I have been all over the place emotionally in my personal life over the last year, and I wanted a place to come creatively that would just make me happy. No expectations about what it should or shouldn’t be, just blank and freeing.

Creative Journal Cover.jpg

I decided make it easy on myself and use a 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 paper pad as the base of the journal. I had two pads in particular that I wanted to use, at least for now. I used the Hello Darling, and The Shoppe on the Square paper pads from Hobby Lobby. Then I just started pulling my favorite designs from the pads and punching holes in them!


I started by making a template. I measured an inch and half from the top and the bottom, and punched holes there. Then I used that page to measure everything else I wanted bound in…which was a lot of random stuff!! I wanted things to be different sizes and have a very hap-hazard feel, because it was a pretty hap-hazard process. From the minute I thought of making one to the time I started was probably only five minutes! Didn’t I tell you I was impulsive? 🙂


In addition to the scrapbook pad papers, I also put in both sizes of Project Life/Journaling Cards, postcards, greeting cards, quotes I printed out from pinterest…and at the end I even included a pocket where I am keeping more cards and extras that I plan to add in at some point, just not necessarily to the binding (for example, attaching with my glue runner, washi tape, staples, paper clips, or put into pockets I’ve not yet made, etc.). They’re all the cute cards that have come with kits that have been too cute to use in other projects!


Before I knew it my journal was getting pretty thick! So I decided to stop adding pages and start decking them out with some embellishments that I either hadn’t been able to use for certain projects, or just hadn’t used yet. Mostly these were chipboard stickers that I can’t use in pen pal letters where I usually want to (have to watch the thickness when you’re mailing things), and they come on giant sheets that you can’t take on the go, so I wanted to get them in from the start and embellish with more later.


So far I’ve put in several lists (I am a huge list maker…), and done a little bit of travel journaling when we took a trip to Oklahoma in January. I plan to continue to do journaling in it, add quotes, put in ephemera from my life and just make it something I love to flip through just because it’s so pretty. I guess you could essentially call it a homemade smashbook – but since I basically just do random collage in my smashbooks, it feels appropriate to name this something different!

I love using jump rings as a binding because nothing is permanently set in there. If I decide to rearrange things, I can. And it makes it really easy to remove the page or two I’m working on so I don’t have to deal with the bulk of the book while I’m writing and designing.

Basically I love this book, and I wanted to share it with you. It fits perfectly inside a pencil bag, which is how I store it to carry with me. I hope you enjoyed this little preview – perhaps I’ll show it again when I’ve worked with it more!




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