Week of Oct 26th 2016 – ECLP Horizontal 

Dear Reader,

Today I am sharing my very first horizontal weekly layout in my new Erin Condren Life Planner.

This is how it started, but I added and adjusted some things as the week passed, of course!


At first I wasn’t exactly sure where to place the washi tape. I must have tried three different ways to place it, ripping it back up each time. I didn’t like any of it, and I ended up picking completely different tapes by the time it was over. The tapes I did choose came to me as samples from a pen pal. All except for the navy dot tape, anyway (from Joann Fabrics).


I decorated these pages more than I have ever decorated planner pages in my life! I was so excited to have the new planner and I loved it so much I just kept finding new things to throw on there. It had nothing to do with the fact I was reorganizing my desk at the same time 😉

I used some Stuio Calico alphas to write in some things this week: ordering in food on Thursday, payday on Friday, and a big reminder on Sunday to write, since that marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo. The flower stickers have a really pretty silvery finish – those are from Hobby Lobby. I used two rub ons (the ‘to-do’ on Monday and the ‘Next Adventure’ in the bottom corner) – they came in a Heidi Swapp scrapbook kit that I will be showing in another post soon. Then there are the die cuts, which are (mostly) from a Jubilee pack I just ordered from Amazon.

I also used stamps to put some words onto some of the blank stickers that come with the planner. Since the words were small I could fit two per sticker. That’s where I got the ‘Mail’ ‘Blog’ and ‘Plan’ labels. I was actually still using stickers from last year’s planner, so the color is different than the 2016 stickers.

I really like how it turned out: the teal, pink, yellow, and navy really go well together.


I’d love to see your decorated planner layouts too! Post a link below if you have a blog, I’d love to see them 🙂

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