New Desk Organizer for Project Life

Dear Reader,

Over the weeks of crafting since we moved, my desktop has slowly become a disorganized mess. I’m sure you can relate. I tidy it periodically, but as I am always reaching for the same things, it becomes the same mess again and again.


I’m hoping by ordering a new desktop organizer a solution is in sight. I got this one on amazon for $13.99 (you can find it here if interested). It’s a plastic organizer with six small compartments on each side and a large space in the middle. The bottom is beveled so it doesn’t slide around super easily, and in a pinch it could double as a percussion instrument 😉

Here is what it looks like now that it’s full::


I am using the front compartments for Project Life cards (right now they are holding the cards from my Studio Calico kits and my mini Project Life kits). I plan to add a few from the Inspire Core Kit that I am using as the basis of my current album, but there are too many to add them all, so I’ll have to go through them first – for now I am using that far right compartment to keep all the teas I’ve received from pen pals (and some I have to send out).

In the middle compartment I have the larger Project Life cards from the same kits (they almost fit in the small compartments on their sides, but not quite). I’ve also stuck in a sheet of chipboard star embellishments that came with Studio Calico’s July Fairground kit – it also did not fit in a smaller compartment.

The back three compartments are a little more diverse than the front…

In the back on the far left I have three acrylic stamp sets. These may or may not remain in this organizer. I wanted one of the sets close at hand because I’m going to be using it weekly in my planner, but I wanted more than one in there because otherwise it seemed like a waste of space. I have the rest of my stamps in a container just to the side of where this is going to be on my desk, so like I said, they may not stay. Plus without having the block and ink there with them it seems silly to have them there, because they’re not just ‘grab-and-go’ products.

In the back middle compartment I have all my sharpies and my tombow brush pens. I used to keep them in a little pencil case, but I found I never used them that way. I’m hoping having them out will get me to use them more 🙂

In the back right compartment I am keeping a bunch of little random embellishment packs I need to use. I have quite a few at the moment!

I am loving having the extra storage/organization this tote provides, and having all of these supplies right where I can see them while I’m working on something is going to make them a lot easier to use up. It has already allowed me to get rid of a bunch of packaging clutter to free up some space in my crafting area, which feels amazing.

Depending on the final layout design I settle on for my craft room, I may order another several of these – the handles make them great to grab and go as well, if you’d rather use them for storage on a shelf or in a closet to only get them out when you need them. I’ve only had it a few days and already I would recommend them, especially for storing Project Life cards!!

What are some of your favorite craft room organization products or techniques?? Share with me in the comments 🙂

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