How Having A Puppy Is Sort Of Like Having A Toddler

▪You have to wake up at all hours of the night to satisfy their basic needs

▪Your free time is never the same again, if you can even call it that anymore

▪When you are in a store it is easy to spend more on them than you do on yourself

▪It melts your heart when they CHOOSE to spend time with you.

▪You are constantly running around trying to keep them out of things they’re not supposed to get into

▪Puppy-Proofing and Baby-Proofing are one in the same – and absolutely necessary 

▪Socializing is very important

▪You struggle to expend all of their energy so you can get some rest yourself

▪You are constantly snapping pictures so you can always remember how cute and sweet they were at this age

▪Sometimes you just stop and stare at them because they’re so awe-inspiring



One thought on “How Having A Puppy Is Sort Of Like Having A Toddler

  1. Sweet lord lady, sort of like having a toddler? It’s worse! I don’t see my sister in law running around trying not to let her kid poop on the floor at any given second, no chewing on baseboards when you are in the washroom. If she wants a break for a minute she can put him in the play pen or crib and just sing them to sleep most of the time, there is no play pen for a puppy. IT’S ENTERTAIN ME AT ALL COSTS!
    LOL I love dogs thought, I have an 8 month old cane corso puppy she is the best!


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