New Desk Organizer for Project Life

Dear Reader, Over the weeks of crafting since we moved, my desktop has slowly become a disorganized mess. I'm sure you can relate. I tidy it periodically, but as I am always reaching for the same things, it becomes the same mess again and again. I'm hoping by ordering a new desktop organizer a solution … Continue reading New Desk Organizer for Project Life


Outgoing Mail #1

Dear Reader, I've found it difficult to always come up with new ideas for generalized posts about pen palling, so I thought instead I would post some of the real letters I send out to my pals - pen palling in action! Today I want to share an outgoing letter to Slovenia  that I sent … Continue reading Outgoing Mail #1

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

Dear Reader, I recently read The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, which you may have seen in my June book haul post, and I thought I'd write up a review on it. After all, I come from a book review blogging background! The Rosie Project is about a very methodical man (whom I suspect has … Continue reading The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

How Having A Puppy Is Sort Of Like Having A Toddler

▪You have to wake up at all hours of the night to satisfy their basic needs ▪Your free time is never the same again, if you can even call it that anymore ▪When you are in a store it is easy to spend more on them than you do on yourself ▪It melts your heart … Continue reading How Having A Puppy Is Sort Of Like Having A Toddler