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This weekend I spent some time working on my new Project Life album. I ended up with a two page spread focused around our two dogs, Molly & Macy. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am using the Project Life Inspire Kit as the base of my album, and all of the cards I used on these two pages are from that kit. I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out!

First Side

I decided to use one of the inspire kit’s ‘so the adventure begins’ cards in the first pocket because this is the first page in my album (after the title page). The photos are also documenting the first few weeks of our time with our new puppy Macy, so it has a double meaning. I didn’t add anything to that card, so I did not include a close up of it.

Title Card


In the next spot is the title card, which I’ve had trouble working on in the past. I’m never quite sure how to style them, but I am happy with how this one turned out. I started with some navy polka dot washi tape from Michaels. In white and gold alpha stickers from the Target Dollar Spot I wrote out the title ‘Our New Beginning’. I chose this title because it is a new album, a new dog, and a new phase in the lives of my husband and I (since we just bought our first home). It just felt appropriate. I used a $3 alpha stamp set I believe I got at Walmart to stamp out ‘May & June’ in the title spot on the card, and used some small pearl accents I’ve had in my stash forever to add some ‘pizzazz’ to that area of the card. The two flowers came from a foam sticker set by Little Yellow Bicycle.

Card 2

This is a filler card I put together using some washi tape from Michaels and another foam sticker from Little yellow Bicycle. It is a very simple card, but I love how it turned out. When working with Project Life before I didn’t use anything more than a spot of washi tape in any spread, and I never really spent time putting any design into specific cards (I just stuck on photos, journaled, and slid them in the pockets), so I feel like this card represents a new style of Project Life for me, and because of that, it’s one of my favorites.

Macy Close Up

Another new thing for me is decorating the photos themselves. This is a 2×3 photo I love of little Macy. It is a blurry photo, but too cute not to include! All I did here was add a strip of black/kraft thin washi tape from Hobby Lobby and a small die-cut piece from the Notes & Things Project Life Kit accented with gold foil.

Card 4

The last close up I have for today is of this card in the bottom lefthand 3×6 pocket. For this I used a 2×3 photo and a 2×3 filler card taped together on the back with washi tape. I considered rounding the edges of the photograph, but decided against it because doing so would have only revealed more of the card behind it, and I quite like how it looks as it is. I used a bit of washi tape from Michaels on the filler card and another gold foil die cut piece. I can’t remember if the two die cuts I used here are from the Notes & Things kit or the Lucky Charm kit. I used some of both on the spread. The heart die cut also has gold foil accents on the word ‘you’, although I wasn’t able to capture it in the photo. I used a date stamp on the photo because I have two photos of the two dogs together in the front seat of my car next to each other. They were taken exactly a month apart (by chance), and you can see really well how much Macy had grown from one month to the next.

Since the rest of the cards were decorated in a similar fashion, I didn’t include close ups of them (but you can enlarge any of the photos by clicking on them if you’d like to see more detail). I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with photos, but if you’d rather me include photos of every card, let me know in the comments and I will do so in the future.

I will reveal the second page of this spread in another post coming soon – make sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss any future Project Life posts!

To be continued….

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