A Few Of My Favorite Crafters

Dear Reader,

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite crafty inspirations at the moment! I am listing them in no particular order, for the record! Hopefully you’ll find a new inspiration from today’s post! Their youtube channels are all linked in their titles.


I can’t remember how I first found Jennibellie on youtube, but I remember the first video I watched of hers (link is here). It is a crafty DIY showing you how to make your own faux buttons to use in any number of projects. Her creativity and style drew me in immidiately and I binge watched tons of her other videos that whole week. She is a mixed media artist and exudes positivity in everything she does. She has a monthly newsletter as well as a ning site where you can join her arting community and take her online classes – most of which are FREE. I love watching her art process videos, she uses her supplies in new ways all the time. She is a great art mentor in general.

Some of my favorite videos of hers::
Quick Art Journal Flip
An Hours Mini Journaling

Taylor Anne

I absolutely love watching Taylor’s smashbooking videos. She always has such awesome pages, and it  always makes me want to drop everything I have planned for the rest of the day and just smash. She also does Project Life videos which was honestly what sparked the idea of starting it up again for me. And she’s also one of my pen pals now! Woohoo!
Here is a great smashbooking video of hers::
SMASH*Book Process
And a Project Life one as well::
Project Life 2015 – Week 7

Sandra Amelia – Starsinpalm

I literally found Sandra’s channel just this week. I wanted to get some Project Life inspiration, so I typed it into the search bar and randomly clicked on one of her videos. I swear it is changing the whole concept of PL in my mind! Her cards are so incredible – This girl has mad talent y’all! I can’t wait to sit down and watch some more of her videos and hopefully get more ideas for my own album. It seems like she is also inspired by mixed media, and she got me to break out my watercolors in my smashbook for the first time! Here is the first video of hers I saw, maybe it will spark the inspiration fire for you too! Now foam tape is definitely on my crafty shopping list 😉

Here is the video I first watched, it’s amazing::
Project life Episode #20

I hope you’ve found someone new on this list who is sparking an interest for you – inspiration is one of the greatest feelings in the world – it makes you feel like you can do anything! Please let me know of anyone, blogger, youtube, whatever, who inspires you in the comments.

See you next time!


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