Erin Condren Life Planner 2015 Review

Dear Reader,

Today I want to talk about my Erin Condren Life Planner for 2015. This is my first Erin Condren planner and frankly the most expensive planner I’ve ever gotten. I want to share with you my thoughts on it after using it the past several months.

Erin Condren Planner Cover 2015


My first reaction upon opening the box was a little bit of disappointment. The Erin Condren Life Planner doesn’t honestly seem to me the quality of a $50 price tag at first glance, and even after having it several months now, I’m still not perfectly certain it is. $50 is a lot of money!

The covers are printed in vivid color and laminated in very thick plastic; they are flexible, but don’t fold. Honestly I couldn’t find a cover I really liked, so I just picked one. Overall I feel like it is the cover that makes it feel cheap to me, and it could just be because I got one I don’t love in person. Maybe I will order another one in the next few months, but I am hesitant to spend even more money. We’ll see!

The spiral binding is very sturdy and high quality. It is not the kind that can open in the back or get caught on things in your purse, which is a huge foresight on the designers part. Big plus there.

The pages themselves are great. They’re printed well in bright true colors. I haven’t found any flaws on any of the pages so far!



This is where the planner really shines in my eyes, and the reason I ultimately decided to get it. Here’s why::
In the full month view you have the traditional layout: Sunday through Saturday, but in the week on two pages spread, the week starts with Monday and you have your two weekend days together at the end of the page (If that explination was confusing, you can see what I mean in the photos). That way you can see your whole weekend at a glance without having to flip between pages. Everyone knows the week starts on Monday anyway 😉

Weekly View

Another HUGE plus is that both Saturday and Sunday have the same amount of space as the rest of the week. When you work full time like I do, you generally have a lot more to do on the weekends than you do during the week. I’ve never understood the planners with 20 lines for each weekday and then 5 for the weekend days, but I suppose if you are a student or are using the planner specifically for work, that would work for you. The layout of this planner is what works for me (and is surprisingly rare).

There is also a notes section after the monthly sections that contains both lined and unlined paper. They each have a different printed full-color design on them to spunk up your notes. And this section is actually quite substantial, not just 4 or 5 pages thrown in that you can’t really use for anything.

If you look at the weekly spread a little bit closer you can see that there are two spaces for notes per week as well as three sections per day for planning. It all seems just right to me. The notes sections aren’t too big or too small, and there is plenty of room for planning your day in whatever way you decide to.


In the back of the planner there are a few extra things that you wouldn’t normally find in a cheap ol’ planner like I used to get.

The pocket in the back is great for holding extra stickers or washi tape samples.
First, there is a pocket to keep things in (I keep washi tape back here), and a clear see-through zip pouch (where I’m keeping my stickers).

The clear zip-pouch that I keep my stickers in.
The clear zip-pouch that I keep my stickers in.
There are also four pages of stickers that are the perfect size to fit in one planning box in either a monthly or weekly layout. Some of them have things printed on them already (birthday, day off, game day, etc) and two sheets are blank and are easily written on.

•Customizing a cover further than a few letters of text is crazy expensive. Unless ladies are getting REALLY picky with their stuff, is it really going to cost them an extra $15+ to produce?

•The first several pages in the planner are quote pages, and they’re the same in every planner. I don’t like them, personally, and would have liked to either have had a choice, or been able to opt out of having them included at all. Unfortunately the year at a glance is printed on the backside of one of them, and it would look weird if I ripped them out. Maybe next year just make sure they are not printed on crucial planner pages so you can rip them out if you want.


•The plastic tab used to mark your current week is almost too inflexible. The tabs where it connects to the binding make it more difficult for me to flip the planner open and shut. It keeps getting caught somehow, and the tabs on the top portion are starting to get deformed. It’s kind of a pain.


•There are a few places in the weekly spreads where labels are printed and I wish they would be. Each day is split into three sections, and they are labeled ‘morning, day, and night’. Since I don’t use my planner that way, I wish those spaces were just blank. Also along the bottom of the week there is a stretch of text with ideas of how to use the notes below. It’s nice that they give you ideas, but does it really need to be printed like that for every week? I’d rather that be an extra line for the daily notes.

•This isn’t necessarily a con, but it would be nice if there were several color schemes you could select from. The colors chosen are not going to necessarily fit everyone’s tastes, and since you have to customize all the things you want in your planner, I don’t think it would be too much to ask.

Overall I am very happy with this planner, despite all of the things I wish were different. Although I haven’t had the time or creativity to spend decorating my planner lately, it is still pretty, very functional, and helps me get myself organized. I’m not 100% convinced I will be repurchasing an ECLP for 2016, I am kind of eyeballing the Inkwell Press planner, but it is definitely a contender.


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5 thoughts on “Erin Condren Life Planner 2015 Review

  1. A great place holder! You can also use the sample coil clip to use a journaling card or anything you’d like as a place holder week to week 🙂
    Did you choose the vertical or horizontal layout this year?


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