Wedding Style Smashbook Flip (Empty)

Dear Reader,

          I haven’t started working in my Wedding Style Smashbook yet, so I thought I would make a quick video showing you guys the blank pages that come in this edition of the smashbook.

         As you can see in the video, there are only a handful of pages that are specifically ‘wedding day’ themed, so if you’re like me and are already married, or you don’t have a wedding coming up in your near future, I say you can still use it! In fact, some of the pages are some of my favorites that K & Company has in their smashbooks!

Ladder & a Chandelier

Tandem Bike Page

Sweet Bird Page

          On the other hand, if you ARE getting married soon, this would be a wonderful way to catalog your journey to the alter! Some pages will even be useful in planning the big day!

Over The Moon Page

Mr. Pipe Page

Amore Page

          Any smashbook page can be ripped out , altered, or covered up completely, so what I look for in a new smashbook is a nice cover and a nice color scheme inside with a few pages that I absolutely love. You may not even need a nice cover if you’re one who likes to alter them (I haven’t tried any of that myself yet).

          I hope you enjoyed this peek into the Wedding Style Smashbook,  and I hope it helped your decision on whether or not you’d like it for your collection. I buy most of my smashbooks on

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          If you’re new to pen palling, check out my Intro to pen palling post, or a few of my sample smashbook pages!

Intro To Smashbooking
Doodle Red Flip

Also you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel for new smashbooking videos every week.


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