All About Mail Tags (& 50+ Ideas for Your Next Tag!)

Dear Reader,

         You’ve probably seen the term ‘Mail Tag’ if you follow snail mailers in the instagram community and elsewhere online. If you’re wondering what that means, look no further! I am here to help!

Bicycle Mail Tag

         A mail tag is similar to other online tags: there are questions which you answer about a certain subject, and then tag your friends to answer them too. A Mail Tag in the pen palling world is a little bit different, but generally the same thing. You are creating a tag (or a set of questions/tasks) which your pen pal will then answer in their next letter. Often your pal will then create a new tag to send your way in return (Hey! Kind of like the game tag, you’re it!).

         There is no set of standard questions you ask on a mail tag, which makes it more fun and creative! I personally like to try and come up with new questions each time I send one, although I have a few standards I use with new pals (asking for their birthday, for example).

         I like the Mail Tag concept because it is an easy way to find out more about your pen pal that doesn’t come up naturally in your correspondence, and you can find out a lot about another culture, as well. It also gives your pen pal something to go on for their next letter. They may reply to your questions through their letter, or they may send back a card or post it with their answers, depending on the length of their answers.

         In case you came looking for some inspiration for new Mail Tag questions you can send to your friends, here are some I’ve asked, I’ve been asked, and some I will probably ask sometime in the future. You can make your mail tag anywhere from 3 – 10 questions, depending on how ‘involved’ they are. You’ll see what I mean.

Here are some ideas for your next mail tag::

– What Is One Thing You Wish More People Knew About You?
– How Did You Meet Your Significant Other/Spouse?
– What Kind of Car Do You Drive?
– What Was Your First Car?
– When Was the Last Time You Were Sick?
– Who Has Had the Biggest Impact on Your Life?
– What Celebrity Do You Most Look Like?
– Best Concert You Ever Went To?
– What Do You Order at Your Favorite Restaurant?
– Do You Play Any Sports?

Plain Mail Tags

Culture Related Questions

– A Traditional Meal in Your House
– Holidays You Celebrate in Your Country This Month/Season.
– The Oldest Tradition in Your Family
– The Most [British, American, German, Japanese, etc.] Thing About You
– The Most Important Day of the Year in Your Country
– What’s Your National Anthem?

Mail Tag Suggestions

– Describe Your Fashion Style
– The Color of Your Eyes
– The Lyrics to Your Favorite Song
– Your Best (Or Worst) Day Ever
– Your Dream Job/House
– A Secret
– The Last Fortune You Got In A Fortune Cookie
– Your Favorite Thing About Yourself
– Your Favorite Subject In School
– 3 Things on Your Bucket List

Mail Tags I've Received

‘Things’ To Include with Their Letter

– A Tag From Something You Bought Recently
– A Ticket Stub
– A Postcard
– A Picture of Your Favorite Person
– A Spray of Perfume
– A Piece of Your Favorite Washi Tape

Favorites Mail Tags Card


-Card Game
-Meal To Cook
-Beauty Product
-Time of Day
-Warm Drink
-Grade in School
-Video Game
-Way To Spend Friday Night
-Type of Weather
-Type of Food/Cuisine
-Music artist
-candy bar
-Movie Genre

Pen Palling Related Questions

– When Did You Start Pen Palling?
– How Many Pen Pals Do You Have?
– What Countries Have You Written To?
– How Did You Start Pen Palling?
– If You Could Have A Pen Pal from Any Country, Where Would It Be?

Have fun with them! They’re great ice breakers, and an excellent way to find out quirky things about your pals that may not come up naturally in a letter, or you can answer some of them yourself as a ‘Few Facts’ type of insert to a letter you’re sending.

Happy Snail Mailing,

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One thought on “All About Mail Tags (& 50+ Ideas for Your Next Tag!)

  1. Ah I like the car question! Or something like How do you get to work/school everyday? Also, a fun tuck in idea is cosmetic samples like those flat swatches of perfume in a little packet, or gloss in flat packets etc. We have a cosmetic center where I work so I see lots of perfect-for-mailing ones go by! 😛


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