My Future Listography:: Preview

Dear Reader,

          I recently bought the My Future Listography workbook by Chronicle Books. It is part of a broader series of Listography books, but this is the one that appealed to me most – what can I say, I’m a dreamer! I’ve noticed the Listography books have become very popular in recent months in the stationary world, and I thought I would share with you guys a little peek into the pages today! 


Look at the lovely texture :-)
Look at the lovely texture 🙂

          The layout is simple: The page on the right is titled and lined for your list, while the left page as a doodle of an idea that might fit into your list. Some of the drawings are goofy, but they’re fun too. 

Two Page Spread

         I like that they keep the doodles to the center of the page and not too big. It keep a minimalistic design which looks nice when left alone, but is also easy to cover up if you want to get more creative with your workbook. 

Doodle Example

         A lot of the list titles are something you would tend to expect in a book like this, but there are also some clever ones I wouldn’t have thought of myself.






          I also like that in the back they have several blank lined pages for you to either continue a list that you’ve filled up elsewhere in the book, or can come up with your own category.

          Sometimes I have a hard time digging into books like these, because I’m afraid I will change my mind later and regret what I’ve written. With this workbook, I’m going to try and think of it as another type of journal: a snapshot of my life that I can continue to add to and revise. Next to each item I record I plan to write the date (Month/Year) so I can see how my answers evolve over the years.

 See you guys on Saturday, I have a future to plan!

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