10 Journaling Prompts

Dear Reader,

          I am not always a daily journaler, but as of the last several weeks, I have been. The journal I’m currently using never had the adjustment period I often feel with a blank journal. I just started writing in it straight away at full force about what came most naturally, and it’s nearly half full already.

          But journaling isn’t always so easy! If you are just getting started in journaling or are finding your mind is blank as soon as you get a pen hovering over the next blank page, it might help you to read through some journaling prompts.

Feather Journal w/ Ink

          The prompts I have for you today are on the more intense side, really encouraging you to dig deep and uncover something about yourself you may not have realized on a conscious level. Those are the types of breakthroughs I think journaling is perhaps single-handedly able to give us. I hope these ideas help you to achieve that today.

• Think of a single moment when you were young that had a direct impact on who you are today.

•How do you imagine your life would be different if you were born in a different country?

•If you had a spirit animal, what would it be and why?

•Why do you think you are so connected to your favorite book/TV show/movie/song? What does this say about you?

•If you could invite 3-5 (living or dead) to a dinner party, who would it be and why? What would you discuss, what would you serve?
Have fun with this one 🙂

•What would an ad for your ideal job say?

•What trait or skill do you have that you feel most proud of?

•If you felt no fear, what would you attempt? How would fearlessness effect your life?

•Why is it important for you to keep this journal? What goals do you wish to accomplish through it?

•Think of someone in your life. How would your life be different if you had never met them?

          Remember this is your journal, not a test. You don’t have to answer these questions exactly as they are stated (although you can absolutely use them that way). If one of these prompts brought something else to mind you’d rather write about, run with it. These are meant to inspire you, to get your fingers moving and ink flowing onto the page. You could even write about why you dislike journaling prompts and why they don’t work for you!

          Please let me know in the comments if prompts like these are helpful for you, and I can post more in the future!

Happy Journaling,
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