Create Your Own Spider Repellant With Essential Oils!

I’ve seen that essential oils have been very popular lately, and it’s not for no reason! I’ve had my collection of oils for several years now, and I love them! They’re natural, they’re versatile, and they’re great to have around the house. You can use them in everything from scented candles (for their aromatic properties), or clearing up congestion when you’re coming down with a cold - some blends are even known to stop an early illness in it’s tracks! In order to deter spiders from entering your home, you’ll only need one type of essential oil:: Peppermint.


Intro to Smashbooking

Dear Reader,           Smashbooking is my favorite and most creatively freeing hobby, by far. It fuels my passion for stationary and paper crafts, as well as my artistic style in general. I'm not great at drawing, or painting, or doodling, but I am good at Smashbooking. Why? Because there are no [...]

Crafting in the Kitchen:: Guacamole Pasta (Vegetarian)

Dear Readers,          On a recent day off from work, I had planned on making homemade guacamole as a lunch/snack to hold me over until my husband got home for dinner. I started by cutting up all of the ‘extras’ before the avocadoes and setting them aside. Then when I cut open the avocadoes, I saw [...]